Introductory Wine Box™

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We work directly with our favorite award-winning winemakers, growers, and vintners around the world to buy and create wines of outstanding value and distinction based on decades of customer feedback. Join the club now.
---------------- With all boxes ----------------
· Protective outer box (thick cardboard)
· Beautiful Insignia Experience Sleeve
· Insignia Experience Box
· Protective Paper (inside)
· Insignia Experience Sticker
· Insignia Experience Booklet
· The product(s)
· Promotional material
· Access to the VIP Newsletter
· Access to private Facebook groups
· Access to the monthly product blog
· Access to Insignia Experience App™
· Discounts towards full (750ml) bottles
· Access to Insignia Experience Rewards
· More coming soon.
-------------- With Introductory Boxes --------------
· Everything from above
· Metal Insignia Card
· More coming soon
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The best wines await you

Unbeatable prices

Taste, smell and even

Feel the wine

With our monthly gourmet guides, that are released on the 20th of every month, learn everything about the unique food and beverages that come in all of the Insignia Clubs.

Convenience of home delivery

And, of course

Gorgeous packaging



Amazing customer support, great packaging, and unique wines delivered right to my house.

Seriously, what could be better?

Arthur Thomas (Germany, Berlin)

I have tried various wine clubs in the UK, including Naked Wines and Vinoseleccion, but so far, Insignia Wine Club is my favorite! I love everything about it, starting with the packaging and the wines themselves. This could be a truly amazing gift for anyone who loves or wants to try wines.

Hailey Roose (United Kingdom, London)

I am currently subscribed to the monthly wine box and the sparkling wine box pre-release, and I am loving them! Can't wait until the sparkling wine box releases officially, so that I can recommend it to my friends, we love sparkling wines here, in Italy. Insignia Experience is the best.

Larisa Donn (Italy, Turin)

An amazing monthly subscription to add new wines to my palette! So many truly great wines from Spain, Italy, France, etc. And the price is great as well, compared to similar subscriptions based in the UK. Definitely would recommend.

Jaime Castro (Spain, Valencia)

Very nice wines, very nice packaging! Would definitely recommend this to my friends. I hope there soon could be some system that allows to refer friends and family receive a benefit for doing so. I’d literally be swimming in wine, because so many friends of mine would join.

Zofia Kowalski (Poland, Warsaw)

So far, anything that Insignia Experience has to offer has been of high quality, the overall experience has been outstanding. I love everything from the website design to the products themselves. Keep it up! Hope to invest in you when you go public.

Anita Dann (Netherlands, Amsterdam)